Monday, 9 March 2009

Pollution Planet...

GLOBAL WARMING!Yea this place-its all gone rubbish,airs naff, skys naff, Tv schedules naff; it's all naff!!!They've run out of fossil fuels and winds rubbish but fortunatly they worked out how to harness the power of lightning so they can keep thier George Foremans running...


TORI CAT said...

Oooooo Great work Chris!!
I loving the depth in your paintings.
The lighting on the top one looks really nice!!
and your deserts look Very prettyful too!! :)

Hope all is going well for you and hopefully see you some time soon,
Until then, Big hugs
Love Tori

TORI CAT said...

Oooooo Iv just seen your harry botter gringots volts!!!
It looks friggin awesome dude!!! WOW!!
Im loving the blues and the water effects!!